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Len Burditt Obituary
December 18, 2017 at 12:00am by Chad Kuhfuss

Len Burditt Obituary

Circa 1967-1968, Len managed the Allen-Bradley Co. Dartball team after
the State Championship years of manager Gordy Wendorf. This reporter
remembers Len picking him up for six weeks filling in for Ken "Lefty"
Haley in the Muskego Dartball League, while Kenny was recuperating
from, I believe, hernia surgery.
The Dartball News, seeking information on potential Allen-Bradley
Wisconsin Dartball Hall of Fame candidates, talked to Len in April,
2014. Len had no useful Dartball information for The Dartball News. He
told me that he had had surgery for rectal cancer and was having to
wear a bag because of that. His wife Nancy told me today that Len's
cause of death was the side effects from the chemotherapy he
underwent, including neuropathy.

2018 State Tournament Date CORRECTION & Hotel Information Link
April 4, 2017 at 1:15am by Jim Hinckle

The dates for the 2018 State in Eau Claire are April 7 & 8, 2018, not April 6-8 as shown on the flyer distributed at the 2017 State.  However, depending on how far you need to travel to Eau Claire, you may want to begin your stay on Friday.

Hotel information for the 2018 Tournament can be found on the www.ecdartball.com site. Senior Boy Reporter Travis Logslett reports that whatever is on the site are the hotels that have rooms blocked off for Dartball and are offering their lowest rates. There are other hotels who would not commit yet but may in the future. So people should check the Eau Claire Website often as more hotels may be added as they become available.

2017 State Tournament SCOOP!
April 3, 2017 at 12:00am by Jim Hinckle

Bob Leskovar's Hoenecke Painting team (Fort Atkinson) outscored Scott Peterson's Pete & Sons (Green Bay) to take the Class A title of the 78th Annual Wisconsin State Dartball Tournament at the Oneida Casino in Green Bay, Wisconsin! Brian Niese's Mr. Ding & Dent (Kenosha) beat Dale "Boss" Zubke's Farmer's Insurance (Watertown) for 3rd-Place.

Hoenecke Painting players were Bob Leskovar, Mike "Stu" Studer, Mark "Doc" Drow, Chuck Spahn, Dave Ackermann, Bryan Bockmann, Mike "Wimpy" Wendorf, Jeff Mlaker, Tom "Iggy" Ignaszak, Scott Schambow and sponsor Jim Hoenecke.

Bob Leskovar won the One-Man Shoot-Off to take the Bob Leskovar Trophy. Mike Goetsch of Cleveland, Wisconsin, and Pete & Sons edged Bob for Shoot-Off High-Qualifier in what I understand was a long
drawn-out tie-breaker that involved 2-base singles, home runs and, finally, doubles!

Thanks to Senior Boy Reporter Mark "Doc" Drow of Oak Creek, Wisconsin, for making this The Dartball News SCOOP possible.

An all-time record 132 teams surpassed the previous record of 126 teams that competed at the Potawatomi Casino in Milwaukee in 2016.

In 2018, the 79th Annual Wisconsin State Dartball Tournament will be conducted in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, on April 7-8, 2018.

A Game for the Ages
January 17, 2012 at 3:03pm by Chad Kuhfuss

On January 17, 2012, Earl's Club (Kenosha) of the Kenosha 4-Man Dartball League, giving up 14 runs in a game to Remo's Corner (Kenosha) at Earl's Club, put together a game for the ages. Dennis La Plant, Karl Peura, Terry Cuervo and Tom Brown scored what is probably an all-time high 70 runs for a 4-Man team in Wisconsin, in a sweep of the visitors, 26-25, 70-21 and 31-20.

Especially noteworthy in the record game were the individual performances of Terry Cuervo and Tom Brown, each player knocking 22 hits in 26 at bats. Cuervo hit 14 triples in the game while teammate La Plant had 11. For the match, Brown batted 44 for 56 for a blistering .786 average, while Cuervo finished right behind with 44 for 57 for an equally superior .772 mark! Each hit 21 triples for the 3-game set. Teammates La Plant and Peura had 17 and 10 triples, respectively. This reporter cannot say without further research if the 127-run 3-game total is also a record. If anyone can provide information in that area, please do.

February 4, 1982 at 1:30pm by Chad Kuhfuss

Thinking that it was unlikely that anyone had ever hit a grand-slam home run in Dartball, I was quite surprised a few years back when my teammate in the South Milwaukee 4-Man League Jay Stegmann told me that he had hit eight of them! Still rarer are NO-HITTERS in Dartball. In my 55 years of sharing The Dartball News, I've acquired only TWO scoresheets for no-hitters.

The first, a 4-0 victory by Bob & Jo's (Milwaukee) over Fireside Tap II (Milwaukee) in the Thursday night South Side Tavern League on February 4, 1982, was given to me a number of years ago by Hall-of-Famer Jerry Mathwig. At the time, The Milwaukee Journal quoted Jerry as saying, "The odds against a no-hitter in Dartball are astronomical! In 35 years, I have never even heard of one."

A couple of months ago, while reading through material provided by Bob Krey on the history of the United Methodist-Presbyterian League, I came across another no-hitter on September 9, 1986. In that game, won 1-0 by 1st West Allis Methodist (West Allis) from North Presbyterian (Shorewood), the key hit was an 8th-inning triple by our old friend Vince "Tommy" Bartlen.

Copies of the two scoresheets are attached. If anyone is aware of any other Dartball no-hitters, please copy The Dartball News.