Wisconsin Dartball

The Wisconsin State Dartball Committee is asking for advertisers to pay $100 for a 10 year agreement. The advertiser must provide a board 10” high by 48” long with their custom advertisement.  This board will be placed under the scoreboard on the dartboard stands used at state dartball tournaments, such as the annual state 9-player and state 4-man tournaments.  The state 9-player tournament attracts 100+ teams plus spectators.  The state 4-player tournament attracts approximately 64 teams plus spectators.  The boards may also be used at miscellaneous tournaments around the state.

There are currently 38 boards that are in need of an advertiser.  

Any business looking to advertise can email the state committee at widartballrulz@yahoo.com or contact any committee member.

An example of where the advertisement will be placed:

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