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2016 Class


Lives in Colgate.

Started playing Dartball around 1956. Has played in the Catholic Blue & Gold, Western Suburban, Country, Hillcrest 4-man, and Rock River 4-man Dartball Leagues over the past 60 years, sometimes playing 4 nights a week. His best season average was in 1998 when he batted .570 and also had with many years over .500. He has been on over 22 league champion teams, won 5 league batting titles, and 4 RBI titles. He is an avid tournament player, and also a 2 time class B state champion, with Hillcrest in 1988, and 2013 when he managed the Studz team. He has been a major supporter of Dartball in the Washington and Waukesha County areas by managing and helping assemble teams, helping with boards and darts, and bringing new players into the game.

2022 Class


Lives in West Allis

He started playing at the age of 14 in the Waukesha Lutheran Church league and played for 20+ years in the league.  He also played in the Milwaukee Catholic Blue and Gold league for 20+ years, the West Allis Classic league for 20+ years, the South Milwaukee 4 man for 10+ years, the Milwaukee Rec League @ Enderis Park for 5 years and the Country Dartball League since 2015.  Overall he has played for 70 years.

He has been a regular .500 shooter for over 20 years with many over .550.  In 2020 he batted .469 at the age of 87. His most notable championship was in 2014 in Class B State 9 Man Champion for the Studz team, he drove in the winning run in the bottom of the 9th in game 3 of championship match. He has also won over 20 league championships – most recent 2016 & 2022 Country Dartball League, and over 25 League Batting Titles. He has also participated annually in the state tournaments and many other 2-man, 4-man and 9-man tournaments. 

2023 Class


Started playing Dartball in 1963 at the age of 16 in the Lutheran Dartball League in Lebanon, WI. He played a few years until he entered the Air Force. He returned to playing Dartball in 1982 in the Kettle Moraine Dartball League. Over the years he formed and managed several church teams in that league, and was instrumental in getting teams started in many different counties. He also served the league as President, and still plays in that league. Bruce has also played in the Tri-County Dartball League, the Catholic Blue & Gold League, and the Country Dartball League. He was on championship teams and tournament teams, and shot in many state tournaments. He had 16 seasons batting over .500, with his highest average of .526 in 2004 in the Kettle Moraine Dartball League.



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